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Cactus lovers unite!

This kit included 2- very cute 3D cactus ornaments, measuring - 3 7/8 x 2 5/8",  1 flat succulent ornament measuring - 3.25 x 5",  brushes, and 6 colors of acrylic paint for those shipping this succulent kit, or 6 colors of pottery glazes for those who live local and can bring back your pieces for firing in our kiln.

This cactus kit makes a great gift for anyone who loves a cacti, or for some creating with love family time.

Cactus ornament kit

Excluding Sales Tax
  • No returns or exchanges are allowed on pottery or canvases. Once your pottery has left our store we are not responsible for any breakage, shivering, crazing or cracking that might have occurred, or  will then occur after firing.

    Painting with pottery glazes/paints will require returning pieces back to the shop for firing in our kilns, Pieces will be glossy and safe for food and drinks.

    Acrylic paint is non toxic, but pottery pieces painted with acrylic paint are NOT safe for food and drinks. They do not need to be fired in a kiln, and will not be as glossy as kiln fired pieces.


  • Colors included are : 3 different greens, brown, pink, and black

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